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The DACA process gives the great opportunity to have a protected status in the United States.


This status provides the benefit of having a work permit, driver's license or state identification and social security. A person qualifies for daca if they entered before their 16th birthday, entered before June 15, 2007, maintained physical presence in the United States since that date, were present in the United States by June 15, 2012, graduated from the high school or high school comma is free from certain criminal offenses and possesses good moral character.

The initial daca applications are received today by the government but they will not be evaluated based on the different demands and the attempted cancellation by former President Trump. Renewals and travel permits under daca if they are accepted and processed by the government.

Temporary protected status or TPS, gives people from certain countries a great opportunity to be in the United States with protection against deportation, work authorization, the possibility of a driver's license or state identification and social security.

These countries have the possibility of applying for TPS if they meet the requirements of having been present in the United States with the necessary dates at the time of their announcement:

  • Afghanistan

  • Burma (Myanmar)

  • The Savior

  • Haiti

  • Honduras

  • Nepal

  • Nicaragua

  • Somalia

  • Sudan

  • south sudan

  • syrian

  • Ukraine

  • Venezuela

  • Yemen

It is important that you receive legal advice from an attorney before beginning your case. For a consultation, please call us at (214) 833-3277.

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