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A United States citizen or permanent resident has the ability to file a family petition for a certain group of family members.

A citizen can file a family petition for his wife or husband, minor children, married children or unmarried children, and siblings. A permanent resident of the United States can file a family petition for his or her husband or wife, unmarried minor children, or unmarried older children.

The process time depends on the type of petition and the country of origin of the person who is making the request.

A person can settle within the United States on certain occasions if he enters legally, has a family or work petition that was requested in his favor before or on April 30, 2001, or has a legal entry with daca or on certain occasions TPS.

If the person cannot apply to have the application adjudicated in the United States, there may be the possibility of doing it through consular processing. On certain occasions you will need a waiver for undocumented presence. This waiver can be requested if you have a qualifying relative who is a permanent resident or citizen husband or wife, father or mother.

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