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Unfortunately, on certain occasions a person is a victim of crime and for some other reason is afraid to contact the police or District Attorney's Office.


The government created the U visa program in an effort to prevent more victimization. This process was created to help victims of certain crimes, who have suffered some type of physical, psychological or emotional abuse and are currently helping, have helped, or are going assist government officials (police, prosecution, judge) in the investigation or prosecution of these crimes. It is important to act early because each police department or law enforcement agency has separate rules on how long it can take to no longer sign the U-Visa certification.


The VAWA program was created to help victims of cruel or domestic violence caused by:

  • A citizen spouse or ex-spouse

  • A citizen dad or mom

  • a child citizen

  • A permanent resident spouse or ex-spouse

  • A permanent resident dad or mom

It is important to understand that the time of separation or divorce eill influence the eligibility when the abuser or aggressor is the ex-husband or ex-wife.

It is important that you receive legal advice from an attorney before starting your case. For a consultation please call us at (214) 833-3277.

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