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Immigration law establishes certain bars. Some of these bars need to have obtained a pardon in order to continue with your immigration benefit.

If a person entered the country and is in the United States for more than 6 months without legal status, they begin to accumulate undocumented presence. If the period of undocumented presence is less than one year, the 3-year penalty applies to you at the time you leave the United States. If the period of undocumented presence is more than a year, how does the 10-year penalty apply. At the time of leaving the United States. Depending on where you are and how your process is going to be, you may need to apply for an I-601 or I-601A waiver.

The immigration law also establishes certain punishments for criminal offenses. But at the same time there are certain possibilities of getting a pardon based on fulfilling certain conditions.

During the covid-19 pandemic we have seen how requirements to obtain the vaccine for immigration benefits have been implemented. At the same time the government established a process to request a waiver if one can demonstrate certain personal or religious circumstances that prohibit obtaining that vaccine.

It is important that you receive legal advice from an attorney before beginning your case. For a consultation, please call us at (214) 833-3277.

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